Quite possibly one of the most interesting creatures on Earth, the chameleon can change color in as little as 20 seconds. The chromatophores, special cells which lie underneath their skin, change colors when they get a message from the brain to either enlarge or shrink. When the cells do, their colors mix like paint, enabling them to blend in with their surroundings.


I’m pretty sure you know folk like that. As opposed to changing colors though, they represent themselves differently according to their surroundings. They may play the sweet, innocent Christian in front of family but get high with their friends. Or they may be the most professional employee in front of their boss but sneak off for long lunches and do little work the moment the boss leaves.

And yet, they yearn for more.

They want a husband, a better job, a bigger home but they haven’t made the changes necessary in order to receive it. There are some folk who can half-ass through life and still achieve success; but typically, it takes a real come to Jesus moment to admit your shortcomings and commit to improving your character.

While it is possible to achieve the success you’re looking for without changing, it’s also possible that it could be lost just as easily as it was gained. There were thousands of folk who dreamed of home ownership but foreclosed because they never learned to properly manage their money. There are couples who marry yet suffer through divorce because they never learned to compromise.

When you decide to take a long, hard look in the mirror and admit your shortcomings to yourself, it’s gut wrenching. The wall of lies you built around your heart and ego come crashing down and at first you’ll feel vulnerable, naked. But once you realize that the wall was a false sense of protection, you’ll welcome the change. You’ll want to do better, be better. And ultimately, you’ll attract better friends and opportunities.


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