According to the state of MD, Strippers Don’t Change

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Since I’m blogging now, I can adequately vent.

Soooo…I used to be a stripper. I worked at a few clubs in DC and traveled to Miami and New Orleans. I also danced for a private company, Entertainment With Class ,working with some of the women in the above picture. Ebony, not shown above, was one of the first dancers to befriend me. She taught me the game and even introduced me to the ballers. As you can imagine, I was more than appreciative.

So fast forward a few years, and we’ve both retired, married and divorced. Ebony recently started a Facebook group of dancers in the DC area and is planning a reunion this August. She found a venue, I posted the invite and the women started buying tickets.

About a month ago, Ebony called me distraught. Apparently, the state of Maryland heard that a group of older, retired strippers were having a get together and some politicians killed it. They were worried that the party would turn into a private dance show, sex and a host of lewd activities. We weren’t welcome to host a reunion party.

As you can probably imagine, I was livid. The administrators never met Ebony, let alone spoke to her, but they judged us and made a decision based on who we were ten or more years ago. I wonder what limits we would have placed on them if we knew their past?


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